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Hi I’m Lou

Yorkshire based photographer and bourbon biscuit enthusiast. Rolling through life with my silly sausage, Molly-dog. Less of a Dachshund and more of a 'Shetland Doberman' to be honest. 

Some quick fire Lou facts: 

  • Happiest on adventures and road trips.
  • Recently took up roller skating and joined my local skate girl gang. We call ourselves the Cheap Skates and largely spend most of our time doing 'gymnast finish's after we have plummeted to the ground.
  • Aries with Scorpio rising. I don’t know what that means but it sounds cool no? 
  • Pun enthusiast
  • Currently bingeing Married At First Sight
  • Currently enjoying a Dolly Parton phase after watching the Flight Attendent over Christmas.
  • You’re an animal if you put the milk in first. 

My Work

Ahh photography,  the big one. I love the work of Wes Anderson, photographing connection and most of all, colour. When he was still here G, (my Grandad) spent a lot of time going through old photo albums with me featuring his life during the war and then coming home to start a family. I can't tell you how special it is to me now. I feel so lucky to be able to get to know him and my Granny as people in their own right, before they just so happened to be my G-Units. I implore you, document it all, (or even better get me to do it) print them out and pass them down. 

I am deeply sentimental,  savouring the 'moments in between' and the little things that tether us to moments, to feelings, to people, to a time. I think this is why I adore storytelling through photographs so much.

I was raised on Morecambe and Wise, it left me with the profound belief that humour and silliness are essential for a life well lived. I also think thats a pretty great rule of thumb for a great set of photos.  Our best, most authentic, true selves are on show when we're just enjoying ourselves. Very few people enjoy being told to stand still and do a nice smile. I know there will be people in your family that  will want images of you like this and we can do the obligatory 'facebook profile shot' if you like. But thats as much standing there saying 'cheese' as I'll ever ask you to do. It's my aim to make sure that what we  create together are genuine 'moments' and memories to be cherished and passed down. 

Drop us a line! 

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