Pre Wedding Shoots

Lots of people aren’t all that keen on being in front of the camera, largely because they're worried about feeling/being awkward to high heaven. Well my friend that is exactly why a pre wedding shoot is a good idea! Have a practice run to settle into having your photo taken. Wouldn’t it be better to be going into your wedding photos already knowing what to expect and feeling confident?

Virtually nobody looks good when they’re told to just stand and smile. Beautiful images happen when you're not trying to be too aware of yourself, that's why I love to suggest fun activities for our time together. Instead of striving to create a 'perfect' image, we're creating beautiful moments and memories instead.

For some people it's an amazing vintage fair, or a jaunt around your favourite scenic spot, but for you it might be something different. Do you love to cook together? Let's shoot in shoot in your kitchen at home. Do you love to bake with your kids? Let's start a flour fight, it looks ace in images! Do you and your partner love board games? Let's go hang out at the board game cafe. Are you avid video game enthusiasts? Let's find the best arcade we can. Are you real film buffs? Let's find a vintage cinema, there's more of them dotted about than you think!